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Saturday, September 18, 2010

we're back........

Hi All
Just finally back to the van park after a looooooong day at the office!

the last mile was nothing but horrific -but Mort was in the water screaming at Duncs the whole way and got him there in the end  - 11 hours and 33 minutes!!!!  PHEW!!!!!

We arrived back to see the flag flying high - and the beautiful Evelyn and David had prepped the van with the heaters on etc... there is also a big banner taped to the front saying 'congratulations - you have swum the Channel' - too cute!!!

Duncs is shattered and is now showering and warming up - we have stocked up on the wine and the first glass is going down very well.

Better get back to looking after my 'star' husband - and from tomorrow ITS ALL ABOUT ME!!!!

ps: there are many more video's to come so stay tuned......

Victory lap?

Well we are waking to a victorious dawn and a happy boat!

Duncan finished in a very smart 11 hours and 33 minutes!

Huge congratulations :)

Past half way

Duncan is still going strong though as we all know the toughest is to come as the tide turns.  The pilot is predicting another 7 hours (7 more beers Gus!)

Mort hasn't had to get wet yet so he is still safe on the boat with JR, Chris and Charm.

I'm off to bed now but will get up at 4.30 and hopefully have some news for you all then!

Swim day

Duncan is looking very relaxed and feeling fabulous.  Passed a few other swimmers and going strong!

A perfect day though a chilly 10 degrees.  Brrrrr

Friday, September 17, 2010

Swim Day

Duncan is looking good, determined, just about to have his first feed.
Sun is trying to come up (or so they are trying to believe ;)).  Water warmer than the air!