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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Saturday 21 August

Today was my final big training swim, 6 hours at Bondi.  Water temp was somewhere between 15-16 celius, certainly the coolest Bondi has been this year.  I was joined by Cameron and Brenton (2 fellow channel swimmers), Vlad (my pool coach) and Nicola and Scott (2 swimming buddies from Cook & Phillip).  Its always good to have company on these longer swims.

Depsite the cold conditions, I felt really well at the end of the swim - I might even be getting use to the cold conditions!!

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  1. good luck Duncs - keep it up!!

    You've put on 7kg? Mate we've been in Rome eating pizza, gelato & drinking beers. I reckon we've done the same!! J has been jogging (every other day) to the Colosseum & back, but still reckons she's put back some of the 14kg she lost before we arrived.


    G, J, S & A.