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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friday 10 Sept - Departure Day

The last week seems to have dragged a bit - I have been ready to go (mentally and physcially) since last Saturday.  Perhaps a quiet week of reflection is important in the final stages of preparation.

Before I depart there are many people that I would like to thank for there support, encouragement and guidance.  First and foremost my two coaches, Charm and Vlad.  Charm has pushed me to new limits of endurance and has been my guiding light throughout this journey.  Vlad has redesigned my stroke to be more efficient and faster.

The other people that I would like to thank are Jeanette, Hugh and Fraser (my family), Chris Mortensen, Paul Penna, Paul Doney, Michal, Millie, Anna T, Cameron, Margaret and all the people that have swum with during my training especially those from the Balmoral Beach Club, Cook & Phillip pool, Mosman Leisure Centre.

Stay tuned!!!

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