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Monday, September 13, 2010

Tuesday 14th September

Morning all,
Well - we knew it couldn't last - after 1 1/2 days of sunshine England has returned to normal and last night whilst 'perched' on our hill we were battered by the gusty winds and the rain was committing 'hurri kurri' against our window panes.  The front they were expecting has arrived in full force.  It will not be pleasant swimming today - it will be freezing and horrible.  Meant to start clearing on Thursday so Friday is still looking good as our window of opportunity.
While we are playing the 'waiting game' I thought I would explain to you how we ended up in a caravan park instead of a hotel (apart from being cheap!)  This place 'Varne Ridge Caravan Park' (google it if you are keen) is the 'place to stay' if you are a swimmer.  It is reknown in the swimming world and embraces everything about the channel.  They have big walls of plaques as you enter with everyone's name and country's flag who has stayed here and successfully crossed.  Once you cross they also raise the flag of your country on the main flagpole to indicate your success to everyone else.  Hence, yesterday morning when we awoke the Aussie flag was flying as Guy (the one I told you about yesterday who left at 3pm and swam mostly in the dark) made it in 11 hours and 35 minutes - amazing given the conditions.  So that's the caravan story - and Duncan enlightened us yesterday by stating that we have the 'gold class' van! - Noice!

Channel stories abound on the Harbour foreshore and we met a lady who swam the channel in 1967 but 1/2 way through her boat broke down and she had to tread water for 3 hours in the night while they fixed the boat (these stories are really making me feel like a wimp!)
Anyway - Duncan is still in a good frame of mind and no nerves have set in yet.  Will probably just do an hour this morning and get sorted on all logistics so we are all ready to go.  May even do a day trip to Canterbury.
Morty (Dunc's buddy swimmer) is arriving tonight so will pick him up at the train station about 11pm.

signing off now - Jeanette (aka Duncan's ghost writer)

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