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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunday 12th Sept - after first sleep in England

Morning Folks (Jeanette taking over now - and will let Duncs stick to the swimming),
After a good flight (surprising for Qantas), we arrived in London at about 1.30pm yesterday afternoon.  London was quite warm which was a good start - however, on our drive to Dover, the old Blighty did not disappoint and the heavens opened and the rain came down......
We found the salubrious Varne Ridge Caravan Park after not too much trouble and unpacked into our perfect 3 bedroom, 30 foot van (will have to  post picks later today - it is something to be seen!)  After the mandatory Sainsbury grocery shopping (do household chores never end...???) we unpacked and Duncs whipped up a great spag bol, watched a bit of tele and hit the hay at about 8.30pm - slept well till about 4am - got a text at 5am saying Hugh (first born) had just got 3rd at Nationals for skiing - so that was a great way to start the day.
Oh - ok,ok - back to the swimming (sorry Mother's pride got in the way) - its about 7am now and the day is breaking - it doesn't look too bad at the moment - most of the sky is blue with some dark lingering clouds on the horizon.  We met a chap yesterday afternoon called Guy, who is an Aussie but living in London, and he was due to set out this morning early - so we will have to see if that eventuated.  He did attempt the channel in late June but the temp was 14 degrees and after 8.5 hours he just couldn't bear it any longer - lets hope today is his day. 
The water temp at the moment is about 17 degrees which is as good as it ever gets so that is terrific.
We plan  to meet  up with Cameron Spittle (Duncan's training mate who is due to swim this week also), at about 9am for approx a 2 hour swim in Dover harbour..  (I wonder if my drunk mate who was there last time will still be lingering in the bus shelter?)  Then at lunchtime we will meet up with the 'pilot' (aka boat driver) and go through all the logistics and talk - obviously - about the weather and how the week is shaping up.  Then we should be able to give you a bit more of a guidline as to when the swim looks like happening.

This afternoon - I think I can feel a pub lunch and a few pints coming on...  after all - when in Rome........


  1. Go Nettie & Dunks, hope the weather holds! Congrats to Hugh, what a champ!!! :) L xxx