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Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday 17th September- STOP press STOP press STOP press STOP press

Morning everyone!
While you probably have been expecting this edition to contain some juicy tit-bits about our channel swim I am afraid we are still sitting in our caravan on the hill.  Last night at about 7pm we received the phone call saying that the winds were again expected to pick up and it would be best to leave it till Saturday.  I must admit Saturday is looking pretty good and they are expecting all boats out on that day.  No boats have gone out in the last week. 
The latest news here is that also on Saturday there is a French chap called Phillipe who has no arms and no legs and is attempting to swim the channel - not sure if the news has covered it there but he uses a snorkel as he has small arm limbs and then has flippers on his lower limbs - what an inspiration!!
OK - so back to yesterday - we had our normal swim in the morning and then got a call from Chris the pilot saying we would be on for Friday - everyone immediately picked up phones and I could almost see the text messages bouncing off the radio waves.  All hearts began beating at a para-normal rate as lists were composed and packing began.
At lunchtime we thought we needed a drive in the country to settle Duncan's nerves and create some distraction.  After meanering along some B roads, then C roads then 'horse and cart' laneways we stumbled across a quaint little village with even a quainter little pub.  The funniest thing about this was 3 years ago when Duncan and I were here we got lost and ended up in the same little village and the same little pub!
At this point I have an apology to make.....  - when talkng about the shocking state of food earlier on in my blogs I now stand corrected - the meal we had yesterday was just superb!!! - The best meal we all have had for a long, long time.... needless to say - it did cost more than 2 quid!! - As the food was so splendid we had to wash it down with a drop of Burgandy and finish it off with a wonderful lemon tart and glass of lemoncello (almost as good as yours Donna!)
We then came back and put Duncan to bed and created more lists.  Mort and I took a trip to the boat with supplies and on our return we got the news we were off.  We immediately opened another bottle of red and settled back down to some more waiting.  At least one more decent nights sleep was had!
So that's it for today - Mort has used up all our bandwidth loading up some video's so we hope you enjoy them.  If you do not hear from me tomorrow morning you will know we have set off - scheduled time around 4am here - that's 1pm Sat Aussie time.

ps: and you think you are sick of waiting???

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