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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thursday 16th September

la la la la la ......  not much more to report now - looks like the swim will be pushed back to Saturday.  The weather seems to be remarkably good for Saturday at this stage - and then it turns nasty again on Sunday - so let's hope we can get going in that window.
With the arrival of Mort came the arrival of a camera so we have posted a video and made a few more funny ones - they say a picture says a thousand words so we may leave it at that for now - we are trying to upload some more but the wireless reception here is not particularly good - so stay tuned.
In the meantime just want to wish the two teams of the BBC who are swimming from Spain to Morocco across the Gibralta straights all the best for their swim - here is a link to their blog
I have told Duncan he needs to pick more glamorous parts of the world for swimming from now on.  Spain sounds great....
Also - there is a web site that tracks the movements of vessels in the English Channel and you can follow our little boat if you want to.  The site is on the left hand side you chose a map which can be 'Folkstone' or 'Dover' and on the right hand side you can enter the ship name which will be 'Seafarer II' - this then will monitor the movement of the boat - will let you know exactly when we plan to leave so you can follow if you are interested.
So that's it from me today - please send a comment or message at some stage - I feel like I am all alone in 'blogger land'......


  1. Hey guys, it's Di from sunny Queensland. Have been reading your blog everyday morning and night to check on you and the weather. John and I are still working on the kitchen, the benchtop arrives tomorrow!! the place looks like a bit of a war zone, but you get that. I haven't checked out the video and picks yet but I'm sure that I'll get a giggle when I do. Talk soon take care guys, love John and Di xo

  2. We will be following your endeavours and wish you all the luck in the world with calm seas and clear, warm water. Gordon and Dorothy Frend