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Thursday, September 16, 2010


We have just got word - we are ON - tomorrow UK time 6am - Australia time 3pm Friday afternoon - see I told you all it would be our anniversary - hopefully that is a good omen!!!!
Probably wont be much news from now on - until after the BIG EVENT!
Catch ya all on the other side xxxxx


  1. Hey Kiddo
    This is what the public are waiting for. You are ready, you have the team and the coach. I am studying the form for some time, and give you the short odds. In fact I am laying plenty of 6 to 5 you will have visa problems in France. So don't nod off and think about England. Go boy.
    Sam the Slipper
    The Bronx
    New York City

  2. Hello in blogger land.
    You've certainly chosen a good day not to be swimming back in Aus. We had record 18m swells on the tassie west coast here today, and from my comfortable chair it looks pretty flat where you are, by comparison. Still, it's a bloody long way to be travelling in the water while not in a boat.
    Looking forward to hearing that you have nailed it, and marshalling the fans for a beer or two on your return. Chris J

  3. Angus

    good luck!!!! You have done the hard yards now is the time to enjoy the swim!!!! Get us some French duty free.

    Love the Fergussons

  4. Go Duncs!! You've worked hard and now it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. We are all cheering for you and waiting impatiently to hear how you go. We're sure you'll be on French shores very soon.

    Lots of love from Luke, Jules, Josh and Sam xxoo

  5. Hi Duncan
    Good luck.
    Don't forget smile and be happy. This is your swim. enjoy Vlad

  6. GOOD LUCK DUNCAN!! [ and Jeanette and all the team]
    love the McNamees