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Saturday, September 18, 2010

we're back........

Hi All
Just finally back to the van park after a looooooong day at the office!

the last mile was nothing but horrific -but Mort was in the water screaming at Duncs the whole way and got him there in the end  - 11 hours and 33 minutes!!!!  PHEW!!!!!

We arrived back to see the flag flying high - and the beautiful Evelyn and David had prepped the van with the heaters on etc... there is also a big banner taped to the front saying 'congratulations - you have swum the Channel' - too cute!!!

Duncs is shattered and is now showering and warming up - we have stocked up on the wine and the first glass is going down very well.

Better get back to looking after my 'star' husband - and from tomorrow ITS ALL ABOUT ME!!!!

ps: there are many more video's to come so stay tuned......


  1. Fantastic. Inspirational stuff.
    Nice work Duncan.
    Chris & Sal

  2. Well-done Dunc. A great achievement and a real exercise of will-power. I will enjoy looking at your name on the wall. After taking a rest, it will be time to plan the next adventure - perhaps something like swimming Newcastle to Sydney. Very inspirational and enjoy the moment with your family and supporters. Regards, Rein

  3. Congratulations Duncs, ur amazing. What a great day u guys are going to have!!!! L x

  4. Amazing Time. Great job. Congratulation
    thank you be great swimmer.
    Regards Vlad

  5. Congratulations Dunc & Jeanette fantastic effort & we look forward to watching up when you get back. We will have the spa on 36 for you!!!!!

    Love the Fergussons

  6. Dunc and Jeanette! An awesome effort! Well done. Look forward to seeing you back in Sydney soon.

  7. Hey Duncan man that is just unbelievable! Well done mate we will have to have acelebration down at the club when you get back. Enjoy the rest!!!


  8. Dunc ' s and the beautiful Nettie and all your support crew - congratulations what a fantastic effort!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just bask in the achievement before you plan anything eLSE PLEASE !
    much love and support from a long way away
    The Jacksons

  9. Congratulations Duncan - didn't know you had it in you. An outstanding achievement.

    Best wishes,

    Kerry R

  10. Hey Duncan!!! Woohooo CONGRATULATIONS! You must be stoekd. I am thrilled for you! Enjoy the celebrations and look forward to doing some more chilled out laps with you At ABC when you return!!! Way to go!!!