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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thursday 9 Sept (T-1day)

I had my last swim at Balmoral this morning with Mike, Martin, Dick, Rod and Jenny and the rest of the  B Team.

One more squad session tomorrow morning, then onto the plane in the evening. Flight out is 9.50pm via Hog Kong arriving at Heathrow at 1.30pm Saturday11 Sept.  We will met caoch Charm at Heathrow, pick-up our hire car and drive striaght to Dover.

As my training is coming to an end I was reflecting on the training that I had done - 1,780km over the last 64 weeks (740km in the last 21 weeks) much of that has been in open (cold) water at Bondi, Coggee, Manly and Balmoral.

1 more sleep to go!!

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