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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wednesday 15th September - day 5

Day 5 and still not much happening on the swimming front - so I may have to bore you with more of my rambling - has anyone guessed yet that I am a tad bored???
Yesterday the weather was shocking - Duncs and Cameron met at 9am for their daily swim - but after Duncan telling everyone that nothing lives in the North Sea - there was a big seal wallowing around in Dover Harbour - ha - scared the boys I tell you! - they weren't particularly happy about swimming with it - us gals thought it was pretty cute! (naturally that was from the shore....)
Now a small digression - when I was living here in the early 90's I made a trip to Switzerland and met up with an aunt of my Mum's.  She queried how life was in England and finished with 'I was last in England about 60 years ago - is the food still bad?' The answer of course was affirmative.  To follow on from this theme - we saw a pub yesterday spruking 2 pound meals (I told you before we were cheap).  All I can say is you get what you pay for....  close on inedible but not quite....  I think I need to introduce them to steamers - the vege's are all cooked for about 30 minutes too long - very guey!  Geez I must be bored when I am reduced to talking about vegetables!!!!
So, after our 'so called' lunch we decided to drive to Canterbury - just 1/2 an hour up the road - what a charming place - big cathedral stuck in the middle of cobblestone streets and seething with tourists.  On our return Charm recieved an email from her Dad saying 'if you happen to be in Canterbury - check out the Cathedral - there are a few 'Frends' buried there (Frend being Charm's surname) - Doh Dad just about 2 hours too late on that info ....  she may have to hitch a ride back again to re-check it out.
So into the evening and all went to bed while I propped matchsticks in my eye's to remain awake for Morty's arrival.  At about 10pm (ok, ok I know its not that late but we are still a tad jet-lagged) I received a skype msg saying Morty's phone was not working but he was on the train...  therefore at about 11pm I trundled off to wait in the dark at beautiful Dover train station together with the drunks and misfits that tend to hang out at train stations in the middle of the night.  The 11.30pm train came and no Mort, the 12am train came and no Mort - then I was kicked off the platform as they were closing the station - 'for arrivals only' I was told.  The last train in was at 12.30 and by this time I was praying.... and lo and behold finally Mort arrived.... yeah!

Anyway - today looks sunny again at this stage but winds still strong - I swear we could of surfed across the channel yesterday - let's hope this wind abates soon!

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  1. Fantastic stuff mate - we're rooting for you and the team from afar. And yo Hughie!!!!

    G, J, S & A